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Welcome to to Western Cape Ringball.

Ringball is a century old sport that was introduced at the South African Teachers Colleges as a game for ladies.  Over a period the rules were adapted to be more suitable for ladies to compete and a new game was born called Korfball. 

Current age groups taking part in ringball varies from u/11 boys and girls to masters men and ladies (over the age of 45), emphasising the importance of the game as a family sport.

Various factors over the years prompted administration to consider a name change in order to be recognised by all the sport governing bodies in SA as a unique sport code and during the centenary celebrations in 2007, the name was officially changed from korfball to ringball. The first three years in the history of ringball saw many changes and developments; with most probably the biggest historic event taking place on 27 November 2010 during a gala event when an announcement was made with regard to the newly formed International Ringball Federation.

Considerable development has already taken place at primary and secondary level and today there are approximately 2000 senior players and 900 junior players playing ringball.